Old School Community Center


(3rd Weekend after Labor Day)

"Best Cowboy Shindig That Ever Was"       
Buck Ramsey,  1993


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 ​The Nara Visa History:

The Nara Visa Gathering is recognized as one of the most pure cowboy gatherings in America. Buck Ramsey, Phil Martin, and Andy Wilkerson founded the gathering in 1993. This is one of the smaller, more isolated cowboy gatherings. Nara Visa is a small ranch town in the Canadian River Breaks, just inside the New Mexico state line and sits barely west of what was the western boarder of the legendary XIT Ranch.
The gathering stresses fellowship and congeniality and is conducted according to the old time Chautauqua format. One of the best-staged, pure cowboy shows in America is done at Nara Visa.
The gathering follows the simplest approach possible; the concept of “top billing” does not exist at Nara Visa. Everyone who wishes, is permitted to contribute to the program and all are regarded as being important to the success of the Gathering. Shows are not organized until performers arrive for the Friday and Saturday performance.
A schedule of events is announced, but not rigidly followed, therefore giving this gathering a uniquely relaxed atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on doing things the old fashioned, friendly way.
Most folks agree that Nara Visa is a gathering that must be experienced to be appreciated.


Since 2002, the Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering has recognized an outstanding person, family or ranch for the Buck Ramsey Award.
The criteria and guidelines for this award are as follows:

 .Someone from northeastern New Mexico or northwestern Texas
 .Family homestead in these areas
 .Long term commitment or active participation in ranching and livestock industry
 .Has retained many cowboy or western traditions and culture
 .Helps promote tradition to upcoming generations
 .Multi-generational involvement in ranching
 .Community involvement in ranching
 .Agriculture producer
 .Responsible in part for rangeland improvement

Past recipients of the Buck Ramsey Award:

2002          Melvin Keith
2003          Vincent Crisp
2004          Bill Parman
2005          Clyde Shepard
2006          Bravo Ranch – Malcolm & Jack Shelton, James & Renee' Rinestine
2007          Harry Hopson
2008          Leroy Webb
2009          Clifford & Barbara Copeland
2010          Carlos Ortiz
2011          Robert and Jimmy Burns
2013          Culbertson/Whatley Ranch, Jeff & Ivy Ward
2014          Jim Payne
2016          Owaissa Heimann
2017          Benton Cain